Grasshopper Class

The Grasshopper class can accommodate up to 7 of our younger children with up to 3 members of staff. Children in these rooms are from approximately 3 – 18 months.

This classroom is situated within the original farmhouse, which has its own enclosed outside play area, used by both baby room classes.

We have ample facilities in our sleep room, for babies to sleep as required.  We will follow your child’s sleep routine and we welcome comforters to aid your child’s sleep time.

Tadpole Class

The Tadpole room is the next step as the children are just beginning to toddle. This room can accommodate up to 8 children with 3 members of staff.

We have a flexible structure in order to meet the needs of each individual child.  A wide range of activities is available both indoors and outdoors.

Our baby rooms are designed to provide a cosy, safe and stimulating environment in which the children are cared for and have fun.

Dragonfly Class

From about 18 months to 30 months children move into the Dragonfly class and mix with a larger group of children of approximately 9 – 12 with three or four members of staff.

This is a bigger classroom with the children exploring lots of new experiences and activities.  This purpose built room gets them used to the wider aspect of nursery life with its own enclosed play area outside for the exclusive use of Dragonflies.

Ladybird Class

Our Ladybird class caters for children aged 2 years to 3 years and can host 16 children at a time.  In the Ladybird class we continue to implement and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.

This is the first of our 3 Nursery classes, developing communication, confidence and children’s social skills.  We have a range of stimulating toys to encourage their development and imagination.  We have a home corner, which changes from a home, to dentist, to a fire station and anything that supports the children’s interests as well as lots of dressing up clothes!

This room has its own children’s bathroom area whereby children can gain confidence and the independence of using toilet facilities by themselves.  There are also potties and a nappy changing area for children who are not yet at this stage.

Caterpillar Class

Our Caterpillar class caters for up to 24 children.  As a guide children in this class range from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years of age.  An experienced member of staff who is very familiar with the children’s interests and enthusiasms completes the planning of activities.  All play opportunities are derived from the children’s next steps.  The children have ‘ownership’ over what they are learning and are then motivated to explore all activities to their full potential.

We provide a range of craft activities such as painting, drawing, chalking, sticking and support the children as they learn to hold and control scissors. We also have a wonderful outside space with a mud kitchen, play house and construction area.

Some children born later in an academic year may go off to school from Caterpillar class. We prepare them for a smooth transition to school with mark making activities, introducing letters and sounds, carpet time and encouraging independence.

Butterfly Class

This class caters for the children in the year before they go to school and can accommodate up to 26 children.

As the year develops the class teacher begins to focus on preparing the children for the transition to primary school, looking at letter sounds, pencil control, recognition of shapes, numbers and colours and general independence with self care routines. We work closely with local schools to ensure that the children are well prepared and looking forward to the next step.

The classroom has access to our garden area, where we love to explore, go on bug hunts, grow our own produce and get messy in the sand kitchen. We have a wide variety of media to explore texture in our messy tray, including gloop, play dough, pasta, water, sand, cereal and anything else the children show an interest in!

The children have access to a wide range of activities covering all areas of the curriculum, including mathematics, technology, small world, construction, reading, writing, being creative and lots of outdoor play. We base our activities on the children’s own interests, allowing them to build self-confidence and independence. Through focused activities, the children build strong relationships with other children and staff members, particularly their key person, developing strong social skills.