Early Years Foundation Stage

Learning can and should be fun, here at Hall Farm Nursery School we aim to mix plenty of creative, imaginative and physical play with the more specific skills involved in preparation for reading, writing and number work.  We have a dedicated team of staff, whose aim throughout is for the children to have fun and enjoy socialising and learning in a relaxed and safe environment.

We have a carefully thought out curriculum and work closely within the Early Years Foundation Stage as implemented in September 2008 and revised in September 2021.

The curriculum concentrates on seven areas of learning and development.  All areas of learning and development are inter-connected.

Three of the areas are particularly crucial for igniting children’s
learning in their early years.  These prime areas are:


Personal, Social and
Emotional Development

This area is about building children’s social skills, making relationships,
developing confidence and children recognising who they are.

Physical Development

Is to develop the child in a range of
fine and gross motor skills via many different activities. Also exploring
their own health, self-care and
their bodies.

Communication and

Helps children build on their early communication skills such as hand gestures and facial expressions. Also allowing children to build their confidence in extending their vocabulary in conversations and communicating and listening and thinking with others.

A further 4 specific areas, through which the three prime
areas are strengthened and applied are as follows



To encourage pre-reading and writing skills, by giving meaning to marks and sharing books, rhymes and songs.

Understanding of the World

Encourages the children to observe, question and understand the environment around them while exploring with a wide range of materials such as natural resources and role play.


Allows the children to explore using their own methods and experiences while developing their confidence and knowledge with mathematical concepts such as numbers, counting and calculating shape, space and measure.

Expressive Arts and Design

Gives the child a wonderful opportunity to express their ideas and feelings through a wide range of media.

We understand that children will progress at different rates and that individual achievement will vary.

The curriculum is designed to enable each child to make maximum progress, where appropriate.  Children with special educational needs will be encouraged to make progression in a suitable manner and consultation with specialists working with these children, will be maintained at all times.